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That is the major question that I will never be tired of answering. It's extremely satisfying to hear this being asked over and over again....and the answer to this question is...YES it is vinyl! How?....What?.....But.....I am very careful to whom I share this patent-pending product and system of vinyl siding application because NO major companies or independent contractors are able to see through what I like to call the "old ways". With no other company offering this service it makes for an easy decision when searching for a vinyl siding contractor.

Now if you have read the short overview knowing the truth You know that the secret to the look of wood lies within the trim. Little does anyone know that the true secret lies in the vinyl J-channel...and that doesn't mean using the J-channel but in fact ELIMINATING it.

This patent-pending product and system submitted in 2004 by one Paul Lafromboise virtually eliminates 90% of all vinyl J-channel usage which technically  robs you of  the look that will set your home apart and have your neighbors talking. Vinyl J-channel makes your home exactly the same as every other home that has been vinyl sided since the late 1950's.

Now as you know, Paul being the original creator of the popular Ghost-J™ , has in fact worked with companies on improving these methods since 2004. Two company's in particular, and one being Advanced Siding & Window Co. and I am blessed to work with more people on this ever expanding project.

There is another old saying I would like to share with you, which is..."Seeing is Believing". I would love to invite you to take a glimpse of what the future of vinyl siding has to offer by going to the Home Gallery section of this website.

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